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nature's doorstep

Sea Life in Dingle

Our stunning blue waters serve as the canvas for nature's spectacle, showcasing majestic whales, playful dolphins, and serene seals, offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness vibrant sea life in its natural habitat.

Dingle Peninsula, where the sky meets the sea

The pristine waters that lap against the shores of the Dingle Peninsula, are home to some of the most abundant sea life in Ireland. Humpback Whales graze the blue waters in search of food, while Dolphins, from Common to Bottlenose, dance playfully in the waves and race alongside our boat.

Our native Grey Seals, rest on the beaches of the Blasket Islands, while native sea birds such as the European Storm Petrels, Puffins and Fulmars, call the cragged cliffs their homes.

Red Deer can also be spotted at home on Inishvickilane, introduced by a Private owner.
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What to expect

Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions, you may find some of the species listed, with their Irish translations, below.

A majestic whale gracefully dives into the deep blue ocean, its massive body disappearing beneath the surface of the Dingle Peninsula
Humpback Whales
An Míol mór

A puffin gracefully glides over the ocean's surface, its colorful beak and distinct markings contrasting against the blue expanse, epitomizing the beauty and resilience of marine wildlife.
Graceful dolphins playfully swim together in the crystal-clear waters of Dingle Bay, Co. Kerry, Ireland
common Dolphins
An Deilf Choiteann
Fulmar soaring - Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
grey Seals
Rón liath
Basking Shark - Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
Basking sharks
Marine Life - the Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
Harbour Porpoise
An Mhuc mhara
Whales - the Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
Fin Whales
An Droimeiteach
Orcas - Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
An Chráin dhubh
Fungie the Dolphin - Dingle, Co. Kerry on the Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
Bottlenose Dolphins
An Deilf bholgshrónach
Birds soar gracefully above the vast expanse of the ocean, their wings outstretched against the endless horizon, symbolizing the freedom and majesty of the open sea.
Seals -  Blasket Islands Sealife Tour
common seals
rón coiteann

Embark on our Blasket Islands Sea Life Tour to immerse yourself in the vibrant marine world of Dingle. Encounter the wonders of sea life, learn about diverse species, and create lasting memories in the heart of Ireland's marine paradise. Book your seat now for an unforgettable adventure!

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Blasket Islands Sea Life Tours are a family run Tour company, based in Dingle, Ireland. Specialising is Eco Marine Tours around the Dingle Peninsula.
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